Moon Church is a community of socially and ecologically engaged women breathing new life into the archetype of the witch.

We are connected through shared creation, nature-centered practices, and a do-it-yourself approach to the craft. We give ourselves permission to explore the irrational, engage in mystery and embody earth wisdom.

Politically and magically oriented, we are artists as well as historians, healers, philosophers and storytellers, actively aspiring to better understand and share our deep subjectivities.

We honor our own experiences while seeking wisdom in the wells of our collective female past, finding inspiration, humility and empowerment in goddess traditions. Seeking to inspire balance, we honor the divine feminine in all beings, and we proudly call ourselves feminists. We discover in witchcraft its original meaning: “a craft of the wise.”

We are students of many traditions as well as a new way, which we weave together, holding the questions close to our hearts.

Moon Church is based in Brooklyn, New York with branches in Portland, Oregon and Melbourne, Australia. We host rituals, moon ceremonies and art events in venues & homes.

Founded in New York City, 2013

Blessed be.